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Fishing through 4 generations:

We are a local tradition and energetic family. Through 4 generations we have lived by fishing in the beautiful archipelago. The whole family has its roots on the idyllic island Korshavn (associated with Avernakø), where we ourselves have lived and raised.

In the beginning all fishing was from Korshavn until 1969. At this point we decided to move over to Funen - very concretely to Fjaellebroen, which today is still a small idyllic fishing village right next to Nakkebølle fiord - halfway between Faaborg and Svendborg.

Together with our son started the interest in bay shrimp to be developed further and there was now a fairly good demand for the tasty shrimp. So big that in 2002 we started a small shrimp factory in Fjaellebroen.

Today we are proud to offer such a fresh and unique product as the shrimp from the Danish fiords. It is natural, completely free of additives and has a freshness that is hard to find in similar products.

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Fjællebrovejen 77
5600 Faaborg
Tlf.: +45 62615178 - Mobile: +45 22 82 73 54
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